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When Is It Beneficial To Hire A Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney?

No one wants to see flashing red and light blue lights behind them. However, if an officer states you were speeding, ran a red light or failed to stop at a stop sign, they may pull you over and write you a ticket. In some cases, you know you were wrong or the fine is small, so you just pay the fine and go on with your life. In other cases, it may make sense to fight or contest the ticket. If you are looking to contest or fight a ticket, you may wonder if it is worth it to pay for a traffic ticket defense attorney. Here are a few of the times when it may be worth it to pay for an attorney. 

The Fine You are Facing is Large

The amount for a traffic ticket is typically pre-set by the county you live in. Typically, the more unsafe the behavior, the higher the ticket. For example, your ticket will be higher if you were going 25 miles over the speed limit versus 10 miles over. If you were cited for excessive speeding, street racing, or running a red light, or you had multiple violations, such as speeding and running a red light, you may be looking at large fines if you are found guilty.

Your Ability to Drive May Be Impacted

Another time when it is beneficial to hire a traffic ticket defense attorney is when your ability to drive may be impacted. Depending on the state you live in, you are only allowed a certain number of infractions or points against your driving record before your license may be suspended. If you are nearing in on this number, it may be well worth the cost of hiring an attorney to defend your case. If you fail to do so, you may find yourself having to walk or take the bus, which can cost you your job and social life. 

You Are Fighting a Ticket Out of the County or Out of State

The last situation in which it may be beneficial to hire a traffic ticket defense attorney is when you are contesting a ticket that you received in a different county or state. If you do not feel that you deserved the ticket, you may want to contest it. But, it can be costly to travel to the state where the infraction occurred if you don't live there. A traffic ticket defense attorney can appear on your behalf, which may be cheaper than travel expenses. 

Hiring an attorney can be costly. As such, many people wonder if it is really worth it for a traffic infraction. However, in some cases, it can be. The fines associated with tickets, along with the increased insurance can add up fast. If you have received a ticket you do not agree with from another state, if you are facing a possible license suspension or if the potential fines associated with your ticket are high, you may wish to invest in a law firm like Tolbert & Tolbert, LLP to help you get the ticket dismissed or the fines reduced.