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Signs That You May Need To Hire An Attorney For Your Nursing Home Bound Loved One

When you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home, it is important to make sure that you are keeping an eye out for signs of nursing home abuse. This way, you will know as soon as possible that it is time to retain the services of an attorney that specializes in nursing home abuse law. Here are some of the signs that you want to watch out for:

The Development Of Mystery Bruises

Mystery bruises are bruises that are not easily explained by your loved one. If you start to find a lot of bruises, scrapes, and cuts that he or she either cannot explain, seems nervous to talk about, or that come with an explanation that does not make much sense, there is a chance that they are being abused by one or more staff members.

There Are Injuries That Keep Reappearing

A single injury may not be cause for alarm if it is easily explainable and it does not continue to happen over and over again. However, if it seems that every time you visit your aging loved one they have a brand new injury, you may want to have an attorney investigate the possibility of elder abuse. It may be tempting to ask the staff if there is something wrong happening, but the odds of anyone telling on another employee is slim. It is best to allow the professionals to look into the problem.

Your Loved One Tries To Avoid Seeing A Doctor About Their Injuries

You might feel as though some of the injuries need the attention of a skilled medical professional outside of the nursing home. While that might be the case, if you find that your loved one is trying to avoid going to such appointments, there might be a big problem with the nursing home supervisors and their staff. You will need the help of a reputable nursing home abuse attorney to determine who is responsible and how much damage, both physically and emotionally, has been caused.

Should you happen to notice any of those signs, or anything else that causes you to have some concerns, you will want to get in touch with a nursing home abuse attorney. Remember, this is not something that you want to wait on to see if it will get better, as it is likely to simply continue to get a lot worse. Your loved one could end up with more injuries or possibly end up deceased as a result of the nursing home abuse. To learn more, contact a law firm like Garrison Law Firm.