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Facing A DUI Conviction? How To Prove Your Innocence

If you were arrested for a DUI, either for drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, or even using prescription drugs, there can be some serious consequences if you are convicted of the crime. You can potentially face jail time, lose your driver's license, and pay a fine. A false arrest can happen due to the police misinterpreting your driving and assuming you're intoxicated, while you're actually not the whole time. Here are some ways you can prove your evidence with the help of a DUI accident lawyer.

Find Alibis for Activity Before the Arrest

If the arresting officer didn't find evidence of a DUI in your vehicle, it is important that you find alibis that can vouch for your behavior prior to the arrest. You'll need to go back to the last locations that you came from, talk to people to see if they remember you, and ask them to make an official statement to prove that you were not consuming any substances that could impair your driving.

Anybody that you can find to verify your story will help improve your case, and the more people you find, the stronger your case will be.

Find Character Witnesses That Can Vouch for You Personally

Sometimes you are not able to find alibis for your behavior, but that does not cause you to be completely out of luck. You can also find character witnesses that can vouch for your behavior in the past. Finding people that can say they never seen you drive under the influence, or that you have exhibited a history of driving safely, can help tell a judge about the kind of person you are. At the very least, it won't hurt your case to have these statements ready.

Find a Medical Reason for Your Behavior

It's possible that the arresting officer misread your behavior, such as intoxication, when it was really a medical condition. For instance, slurred speech may seem like you are intoxicated, but it could be from you being sick. You may not be able to walk a straight line when given a sobriety test, but it could be due to a medical condition with your leg. Try to get medical proof of the condition that lead an officer to believe you were driving under the influence, since it's the best way to explain odd behavior.

For more tips on how to prove you're innocent when accused of a DUI, work with a lawyer that specializes in these cases.