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Ways That An Adult Store Employee May Be Subject To Emotional Distress On The Job

Working in an adult store might not be everyone's idea of a perfect job, but if you've obtained this position and appreciate being employed, it may work well for you. In this role, you'll perform a variety of duties, including stocking shelves, dealing with customers, and perhaps even answering queries through the store's website. While working in an adult store isn't physically dangerous, it can take its toll on your emotional health. This may lead to you to work with a workers' compensation attorney to file a suit against your employer on the grounds of your workplace being unhealthy emotionally. Here are some examples of emotional suffering that you may experience in this work environment.

Exposure To Upsetting Content

Adult shops have a variety of products that people may enjoy buying, but your daily exposure to these products can wear on you emotionally. For example, if you're working as a cashier and have to handle dozens of adult DVDs with unsavory images on the front and back covers over the course of the day, seeing these images may be bothersome. You may find that you begin to develop anxiety about seeing more of this content, or even find that its disturbing nature is dominating your thoughts when you're away from the shop.

Inappropriate Encounters With Customers

While many people who shop at adult stores will be polite and respectful to those who work there, this isn't always the case. There are some people who frequent these establishments who may act in a lecherous manner. For example, customers may occasionally proposition you simply because you're in this environment. Or they might simply make inappropriate comments within earshot — which is something that can certainly add up over time and wear on you emotionally. Such a scenario definitely fits the description of an unhealthy workplace, and one at which it shouldn't be a surprise to suffer from emotional distress.

Unsanitary Conditions

Some adult stores have private viewing booths that employees are tasked with cleaning. These booths can be unpleasant environments for staff members after customers have used them. This task can be another unfavorable part of your daily work, and one that can have an emotional impact on you over time. Bring these issues to the attention of your employer can often be helpful, but if you've done so with little effect — and you notice that your emotional health is continuing to suffer — it's time to sit down with a workers' compensation attorney.