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3 Critical Measures Your Lawyer Wants You To Take After Being Injured By A Dog

Most dog owners take the necessary precautions to prevent their dogs from attacking innocent people. However, some do not restrain them as required by law. Therefore, it's not uncommon to get bitten by a stray dog when going about your duties. When faced with such a situation, you can seek compensation from the dog owner. A personal injury lawyer is an invaluable partner in this situation because they will help you build a strong claim. But to achieve that, you must follow the steps below.  

Get Immediate Treatment

It is of great importance to have a medical examination and treatment immediately after the accident to prevent complications down the road. Your doctor will offer you the necessary treatment and recommend follow-up sessions for additional treatments. You must follow your doctor's orders until you reach maximum medical recovery. 

Failure to do that can make you lose your rightful compensation. The defendant and their insurer could refuse to pay your medical expenses if they realize that you failed to follow your doctor's orders. It is advisable to consult your attorney before discontinuing treatment. They will advise you accordingly to avoid complications down the line. 

Document Your Injuries

Immediately after the attack, the next crucial step is documenting the bites. Start by taking photos of your injuries before they're treated. Photographs will help you to tell a story of your accident in a way words cannot do. Photos are particularly important if you don't plan to file your lawsuit immediately. They will make it easy to describe your injuries when negotiating with the insurance company. 

In addition, pictures will be useful if the case goes to trial. Through such evidence, the judge can determine the extent of your pain and suffering and know how to punish the culprit. Apart from pictures, it would help if you also had medical records and receipts issued when receiving medical services.

Get Legal Help Immediately

Dog bite claims are regulated by complex rules and regulations that you must comply with to get compensation. Therefore, you should consider working with a lawyer when filing a lawsuit. They will adhere to the stipulated laws to avoid a denial that can result from non-compliance. Additionally, your attorney will gather useful pieces of evidence and use them to substantiate your claim. 

If you have sustained severe injuries after being bitten by a dog, contact a personal injury law attorney immediately. They will advise and guide you through the legal process, ensuring that you receive your rightful compensation.