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Have you recently found yourself facing a legal situation and don't know how to proceed? Is this an incident that requires the assistance of an attorney working on your side? Can you get away with not hiring an attorney? These and many more questions are answered on my website. Having worked as an assistant in the legal world, I have gotten to know quite a bit about different legal situations and have provided you with several examples and pieces of advice that can help you. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to help you through this difficult time in your life.

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Injured On A Film Set? 5 Reasons It's More Complicated

For many Americans, being part of the movies is an exciting dream come true. But movies, television shows, commercials, and video productions can also be a source of accidents and injuries. If you're injured on a set, what makes your case more complicated than many? Here are a few of the challenges you must meet.

1. Confusion About Worker's Comp

In general, production companies are required to carry adequate worker's compensation insurance for those they hire. This is the same with any employer. However, production companies may work with a variety of other companies and independent contractors. You may not know who is actually responsible for your worker's comp coverage — if anyone.

2. Inherent Set Risks

A busy film production has some inherent risks to all its members. Movies often require active and prop firearms, knives and other combat weapons, dangerous chemicals, moving vehicles, stunts, and controlled explosions or fire. While every trained professional will do all they can to reduce danger, you still take on a higher level of risk just by being there. 

3. Difficult Filming Locations

If your film set is located in a standard sound stage or other city location, you may be relatively close to medical services if these are needed. However, films and television crews must often travel to far-flung locations. You may find yourself hours from civilization or even working in the middle of a bustling foreign city. This makes it harder to get proper treatment, find follow-up services, and get legal help.

4. Undue Pressure to Continue

Most people know that film sets often work at a harried pace. Every moment they spend beyond the plan costs plenty of money and affects many people. If you're injured, you may feel pressure — both explicit and implicit — not to take the time for treatment, legal consultations, and ongoing medical care. 

5. Challenges Preserving Evidence

Collecting, preserving, and getting access to evidence after an injury is vital to building a successful case. But that busy filming set isn't set up to facilitate any of these goals. Things may get wrapped up as the production relocates. Different departments or companies may control different elements of evidence. You may have difficulty gaining access. And the show, as they say, must go on. 

Where to Start

If you've already been injured while on a set or you have concerns about the one you're working with, the best place to begin is to consult with a qualified worker's compensation attorney. Make an appointment today to learn how to best protect yourself before and after any incidents. 

For more information, contact a local office, like Workers Comp Lawyer, PC.