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Has Your Partner Sued You For Abuse? See Why You Need Legal Help

An accusation of being an abusive partner can make you face severe consequences. For instance, your spouse can refer to the charges in order to deny you access to your kids. A judge may also hand you a severe punishment if they find you guilty of domestic violence. Because of this, you may want to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you. They will take the following measures to help you avoid a harsh judgment:

They Will Help You Understand Your Rights 

Your legal advisor will start by evaluating your case to ascertain whether the complainant has a genuine case against you. They will then explain your rights under your state laws. Among other things, this gives you an understanding of what extent law enforcement officers may go to when interrogating or arresting you versus what is unlawful. You will also become aware of what to say and what to avoid so that you don't complicate your case.

They Will Prepare a Defense for You

When you consult an attorney for assistance, you must be honest when they ask you questions. This includes telling them of all the situations in which you may have been in altercations with your partner. This will enable your lawyer to know how to fight your charges. One of the strategies they may use to build a solid defense is to review the state's evidence to determine whether there are gaps. If, for example, some information is inconsistent, your attorney will know what arguments to raise to dispute it.

They Will Fight for You to Avoid a Harsh Judgment

A conviction for a domestic violence-related crime can result in you spending years behind bars. The judge can also slap you with a massive fine if they find you guilty. However, your lawyer can help you by presenting evidence to demonstrate that you did not commit the crime. They may also oppose the use of illegally obtained evidence or procedural errors the prosecution may have made when bringing charges against you. These measures may enable you to get a lenient judgment. In addition, the evidence your lawyer presents will aim to protect your parental rights if the charges have impacted your access to your kids. Significantly, the judge may dismiss your case if they find that the prosecuting attorney does not have compelling evidence against you.

As is evident from the information above, it is essential to have legal representation when facing domestic violence charges. A criminal defense attorney can build a strong defense and represent you in your case to help you prove your innocence.

To find out more, contact a criminal defense attorney.