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Effective Measures To Compel Your Partner's Honoring Of The Spousal Support Agreement

You have a right to request the court to award you spousal support payments if you dissolve your marriage. This is more so if you make less money than your partner and feel that you will face financial challenges after separation. In such cases, the court may require your partner to pay you a certain amount for upkeep. Unfortunately, your ex-spouse might refuse to pay some or all the payments the court awards you. This could make it challenging to foot your bills and meet other financial obligations. In such a case, a lawyer can file a court case and apply the following measures to help ensure your former partner pays alimony:

The Issuance of a Court Order

When your lawyer files a petition in court, they may request the judge to issue an order obligating your partner to pay up. They might also request the court to punish your partner for making you suffer because of failure to make the ordered fees. After the judge delivers the judgment, your partner should make the payment within the stipulated time. However, if this does not happen, the court can issue tougher measures, including slapping your partner with a fine or jailing them.

The court might also issue a directive allowing an enforcing officer to seize your partner's assets to recover the money they have defaulted on. It aims to cover all the money your partner has defaulted since they made their most recent payment. As such, your lawyer will calculate and present a figure in court, covering all the outstanding payments to help ensure that you get every coin you're entitled to.

An Order to Withhold Income

If your partner is employed, the judge might issue an order instructing your partner's employer to withhold a part of their earnings. This money will then be sent directly to your bank account. It is a suitable way to seek payments because you will not have to deal with your partner if they refuse to pay the agreed amount. Notably, when the court issues this order, your civil defense attorney will follow up to ensure you receive your payments promptly.

If your partner has refused to pay you alimony, contact a civil defense attorney for help. They will file a case in court compelling your partner to make the payments immediately. As such, the judge may issue any of the orders above to help you get the remittance your partner owes you.